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MPPT Design for PV-Powered WPT System with Irregular Pulse Density Modulation

Güngör Bal

Makale | 2023 | Taylor and Francis Ltd.

—Electric vehicles (EVs) are well-known as environmentally friendly systems. Therefore, the demand for EVs is rapidly increasing every day, but for charging batteries of EVs eco-friendly electrical energy sources are needed. To use a clean energy source, this article proposes a wireless power transfer (WPT) system energized by photovoltaic panels. In this study, pulse density modulation technique controlled with incremental conductance algorithm is preferred in the WPT system for both transferring power from primary to secondary windings and for tracking maximum power point (MPP). The proposed system was tested with an experimental . . .prototype and the results were presented. As a result, both 99.22% MPPT efficiency was obtained and power was transferred from primary to secondary with 90% efficiency Daha fazlası Daha az

A data-driven analysis of renewable energy management: a case study of wind energy technology


Makale | 2023 | Springer

Renewable energy management is critical for obtaining a significant number of practical benefits. Wind energy is one of the most important sources of renewable energy. It is extremely valuable to manage this type of energy well and monitor its development. Data-driven analysis of wind energy technology provides essential clues for energy management. Patent documents are extensively used to follow technology development and find exciting patterns. Patent analysis is an excellent way to conduct a data-driven analysis of the technology under concern. This study aims to define concepts related to wind energy technologies and cluster the . . .se concepts to manage wind energy well in practice. Although many efforts have been made in the literature on wind energy, no study defines the concepts related to wind energy technologies and clusters these concepts. This study proposes a text mining and clustering-based patent analysis approach to overcome the limitations of previous studies. Data-driven analysis collects and assesses patent documents related to wind energy technologies. Patent documents are collected from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Text mining is applied to the abstracts of patent documents, and the k-means clustering algorithm is utilized to determine the distribution of the keywords among the clusters. The results of this study show that the contents of the patent documents are mostly related to the tower, and the propeller blades placed at the top of the tower should rotate smoothly with the wind speed for better energy production Daha fazlası Daha az

Multi-circle Detection Using Multimodal Optimization


Makale | 2023 | Book Series

Object and shape detection in digital image were one of the hot topic over the last two decades. Especially automatic multi circle detection has received more attention over last years. Hough transform (HT) is a well-known and most popular method for lines and circles detection. However, HT has huge computational complexity expense. This paper proposed a new successful heuristic method to reduce computation time and improve the speed of HT for circle detection. In this proposed method the edges information of the image is obtained by means of Robert edge detection. Then, multimodal particle swarm optimization (PSO) and local search . . .is employed to locate all exciting circle in the image. The experiments on benchmark images show that our scheme can perform multi circle detection successfully. © 2023, The Author(s), under exclusive license to Springer Nature Switzerland AG Daha fazlası Daha az

Evrenden (Universe) Metaevrene (Metaverse) Sosyal Etkileşimin Görselliği Üzerine

Aynur Karagöl

Makale | 2023 | TR Akademi8 ( 17 ) , pp.246 - 267

Sosyal bir varlık olan insanın iletişim faaliyetleri için teknoloji, her geçen gün yeni bir araç üretmektedir. Metaevren, tüm iletişim araçlarının yeni bir zeminde bir araya getirmektedir. Bazen tamamen sanal bazen de gerçek ve sanalın karma biçimde yer aldığı bir ortam oluşturulmaktadır. Kullanıcıların kendi görselleri veya üç boyutlu modelleme avatarlarıyla varlık gösterdikleri, gerçek mekânlar ve hayali mekânlar ortamda yer almaktadır. Teknik ve görsellik bakımından problemleri olsa da metaevren tüm dünyanın ilgisini çekmektedir. Çalışmada metaevrenin özellikle sosyalleşme yönü üzerinden görselliği ve kullanımı deneyiminin anlama . . .k için dünyada iki medya üretici firmanın Meta ve Baidu’nun metaevren işlerinin deneyimi kullanıcı paylaşımı videolarından gözlemlenmiş ve nitelik bakımından betimsel olarak analiz edilmiştir. İki farklı metaevren geliştirici merkezi sayılabilen Amerika ve Çin’den kullanıcıların metaevren deneyimlerinin videoları rastgele seçilmiştir. Analizler metaevren görselleştirmeleri; avatar tasarımları, mekân tasarımları, tipografi, renk, düzenleme, sunum şekilleri grafik ögeleri bakımından değerlendirilmiştir. Bu analizle beraber sanal dünyadaki görsel kültür ile kullanıcı deneyimi anlaşılmaya ve açıklanmaya çalışılmıştır. Metaevren, doğası gereği deneyim olarak görülmektedir. Deneyimin kullanıcı gözünden durumuna ışık tutmak amaçlanmıştır Technology is producing a new tool every day for the communication activities of human beings, who are social beings. Metaverse brings together all communication tools on a new ground. Sometimes a completely virtual environment is created, and sometimes a mixed form of real and virtual is created. Real spaces and imaginary spaces, where the users exist with their own visuals or three-dimensional modeling avatars, are located in the environment. Although it has technical and visual problems, the Metaverse attracts the attention of the whole world. In the study, the experience of Metaverse works of two media producer companies Meta and Baidu in the world was observed from user-sharing videos and analyzed descriptively in terms of quality in order to understand the experience of the visuality and use of the meta-universe, especially through the socialization aspect. The videos of users’ Metaverse experiences from America and China, which can be considered as two different Metaverse developer centers, were randomly selected. Analyzes Metaverse visualizations; Avatar designs, space designs, typography, color, arrangement, presentation styles were evaluated in terms of graphic elements. With this analysis, the visual culture and user experience in the virtual world were tried to be understood and explained. The Metaverse is seen as an experience by nature. It is aimed to shed light on the state of the experience from the user’s point of view Daha fazlası Daha az

How Managers’ Green Transformational Leadership Affects a Firm’s Environmental Strategy, Green Innovation, and Performance: The Moderating Impact of Differentiation Strategy


Makale | 2023 | Sustainability15 ( 4 ) , pp.1 - 20

No prior literature has investigated the effect of managers’ green transformational leadership (GTL) on financial performance (FP). The current study introduces an original research framework with the aim of filling in this gap. This study introduces a completer analytical framework by considering the direct impacts of managers’ GTL on FP and the indirect impacts of managers’ GTL under the joint action of corporate environmental strategy (CES), green product innovation (GPT), and green process innovation (GPI). Furthermore, based on the question of how enterprises can earn profit from GPT, analyzing the moderator impact of different . . .iation strategy on the relationship between GPT and FP is also within the context of the present study. The data collected from 315 firms with the ISO 14001 certificate in the First and Second 500 Industrial Enterprises List of Turkey in 2018 were tested in the SmartPLS 3 analysis program. The empirical evidence shows that managers’ GTL affects FP both directly and indirectly through CES and GPI. However, it is concluded that GPT does not have a direct positive impact on FP. Considering GPT and differentiation strategy jointly, it is observed that its relationship with FP is positive and significan Daha fazlası Daha az

An Intelligent Anomaly Detection Approach for Accurate and Reliable Weather Forecasting at IoT Edges: A Case Study

Buket İşler

Makale | 2023 | Sensors23 ( 5 ) , pp.1 - 17

Industrialization and rapid urbanization in almost every country adversely affect many of our environmental values, such as our core ecosystem, regional climate differences and global diversity. The difficulties we encounter as a result of the rapid change we experience cause us to encounter many problems in our daily lives. The background of these problems is rapid digitalization and the lack of sufficient infrastructure to process and analyze very large volumes of data. Inaccurate, incomplete or irrelevant data produced in the IoT detection layer causes weather forecast reports to drift away from the concepts of accuracy and relia . . .bility, and as a result, activities based on weather forecasting are disrupted. A sophisticated and difficult talent, weather forecasting needs the observation and processing of enormous volumes of data. In addition, rapid urbanization, abrupt climate changes and mass digitization make it more difficult for the forecasts to be accurate and reliable. Increasing data density and rapid urbanization and digitalization make it difficult for the forecasts to be accurate and reliable. This situation prevents people from taking precautions against bad weather conditions in cities and rural areas and turns into a vital problem. In this study, an intelligent anomaly detection approach is presented to minimize the weather forecasting problems that arise as a result of rapid urbanization and mass digitalization. The proposed solutions cover data processing at the edge of the IoT and include filtering out the missing, unnecessary or anomaly data that prevent the predictions from being more accurate and reliable from the data obtained through the sensors. Anomaly detection metrics of five different machine learning (ML) algorithms, including support vector classifier (SVC), Adaboost, logistic regression (LR), naive Bayes (NB) and random forest (RF), were also compared in the study. These algorithms were used to create a data stream using the time, temperature, pressure, humidity and other sensor-generated information Daha fazlası Daha az

Transcranial direct current stimulation combined with cognitive training improves decision making and executive functions in opioid use disorder: a triple-blind sham-controlled pilot study


Makale | 2023 | Journal of Addictive Diseases , pp.1 - 12

Background: Opioid use disorder (OUD) is a chronic disorder with a considerable amount of morbidity and mortality. Despite remarkable improvement achieved by maintenance programs, an array of treatment goals were still unmet. Mounting evidence suggests that transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) improves decision making and cognitive functions in addictive disorders. tDCS paired with a decision making task was depicted to diminish impulsivity as well. Objectives: The present study aimed to assess the effect of tDCS combined with cognitive training (CT) in OUD for the first time. Methods: In this triple-blind randomized sham- . . .controlled pilot study, 38 individuals with OUD from the Buprenorphine-Naloxone Maintenance Therapy program were administered 20-minutes of 2mA active/sham tDCS over the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex with concomitant cognitive training. A selected test battery evaluating decision making under risk and ambiguity as well as executive functions, verbal fluency and working memory was utilized before and after the intervention. Results: Greater improvements were observed in decision making under ambiguity (p=0.016), set shifting ability and alternating fluency while no improvements were observed in decision making under risk in the active group, compared to sham. Conclusions: Deficits of decision making and executive functions have a pivotal role in the perpetuation and the relapse of the OUD. Alleviation of these impairments brought tDCS/ CT forth as an expedient neuroscientifically-grounded treatment option that merits further exploration in OUD, Trial registration: NCT05568251 Daha fazlası Daha az

Impacts of Market Orientation on Firm Performance in SMEs of Turkey: A Serial Mediation Approach


Makale | 2023 | Journal of Information & Knowledge Management22 ( 2 ) , pp.1 - 27

No previous studies in the literature have investigated the serial mediation impact of innovation capability and product innovation on the in°uence of market orientation on ¯rm performance. The focus in this research is on the role of the combination of innovation capability and product innovation in the in°uence of market orientation on ¯rm performance. To that end, it is aimed to examine the direct and indirect impacts of market orientation on ¯rm performance (through innovation capability and product innovation, respectively). The data collected from 739 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Turkey by employing the online . . .survey method were tested using the SmartPLS 3 analysis programme. Pieces of empirical evidence have revealed that both market orientation and innovation capability act as important antecedents of product innovation. Moreover, mediation analysis demonstrates that innovation capability and product innovation in turn mediate the connection between market orientation and ¯rm performance. Consequently, this research provides pieces of evidence showing that SMEs can increase their ¯rm performance with innovations they can make in their products by improving their innovation capability with a market-oriented approach so that they can open up to foreign markets in theory and practice Daha fazlası Daha az

Uluslararası ilişkilerde siber saldırıların araç olarak kullanılması: Rusya kaynaklı siber saldırılar örneği Use of cyber attacks as a tool in international relations: The case of cyber attacks from Russia

Canfidan Kabakcı

Tez | 2023 | İstanbul Topkapı Üniversitesi

Günümüzde “siber uzay”; siber strateji, siber güvenlik, siber savunma ve siber savaş gibi faaliyetleri kutsayan bir uzay tiyatrosu haline gelmiştir. Siber uzay, ilgili veya ilgili aktörlerin bir çıkar tarafından teşvik edildiği küresel arenaya benzetilen bir alandır. Böyle bir alandaki zorluk, düzeni uygulayacak merkezi bir otoritenin olmamasıdır. Nitekim yeni çatışma ve zorlama yöntemleri de 21. Yüzyılın çok yönlü ve çok aktörlü uluslararası sisteminde etkin tektonik değişimlere ve hatta gücün, kurumların ve devlet davranış normlarının yeniden yapılandırılmasına yol açabilir. Bu bağlamda, son 30-40 yıldır uluslararası ilişkilerde k . . .imi devletlerin giderek daha fazla bel bağladığı dijital altyapıyı bozan veya yok eden zorlayıcı eylemler olarak nitelendirilebilecek siber uzay tabanlı siber saldırılar görülmektedir. Bu nevi zamansız, kuralsız ve sınırsız siber eylemler, devletler arası ilişkilerde yeni bir silah ve yaptırım aracı olma potansiyeline sahiptir. Bu çalışmanın amacı Rusya’nın siber saldırı stratejileri üzerinden uluslararası ilişkilerde siber saldırıların araçsallaştırılmasını incelemektir. Bu çalışma, siber uzayda artan insan etkileşiminin onu stratejik bir alan düzeyine yükselttiği ve dolayısıyla Uluslararası İlişkiler için teorik ve pratik zorluklar doğurduğu öncülüne dayanmaktadır. Çalışmanın giriş bölümü sonrasındaki birinci bölümünde genel bilgiler ve literatür çalışması hakkında bilgi sunulacak; ikinci bölümünde siber uzay, siber savaş ve siber saldırılarla ilgili kavramsal bir çerçeve sunulacak, üçüncü bölümde uluslararası ilişkilerde siber saldırıların araç haline dönüştürülmesi incelenecek, dördüncü bölümde ise Rusya kaynaklı siber saldırılar ve uluslararası ilişkilerde etkileri tartışılacaktır. Today, “cyberspace” could be defined as a space theater that celebrates activities such as cyber strategy, cyber security, cyber defense and cyber warfare. Cyberspace is a space likened to the global arena in which interested or related actors are promoted by an interest. The challenge in such a field is the absence of a central authority to enforce order. As a matter of fact, new methods of conflict and coercion may also lead to effective tectonic changes and even restructuring of power, institutions and norms of state behavior in the multifaceted and multi-actor international system of the 21st century. In this context, cyber-space-based cyber attacks, which can be described as coercive actions that disrupt or destroy the digital infrastructure on which some states rely more and more in international relations, have been observed in the last 30- 40 years. Such untimely, unregulated and unlimited cyber actions have the potential to be a new weapon and sanction tool in interstate relations. The aim of this study is to examine the instrumentalization of cyber attacks in international relations through Russia’s cyber attack strategies. This study is based on the premise that increased human interaction in cyberspace elevates it to the level of a strategic domain and thus poses theoretical and practical challenges for international relations. Following introduction part, in the first part of the study a general information and literature work will be presented; then, a conceptual framework about cyber space, cyber war and attacks will be presented; in the third part, the transformation of cyber attacks into a tool in international relations will be examined, and in the fourth part, cyber attacks from Russia and their effects on international relations will be discussed Daha fazlası Daha az

Kamu idaresinin işletmelere uyguladığı özel esaslardan kaynaklanan zararlar ve kaynak israfı üzerine araştırma A research on damages arising from "Special principles" applied to businesses and waste of resources by the tax administration

Mustafa İlker Özyurt

Tez | 2023 | İstanbul Topkapı Üniversitesi

Kamu idaresi; sahte belge düzenleyerek vergi kaçırabileceğini öngördüğü işletmeleri, kamu alacağının korunması amacıyla vergi incelemesine tabi tutmak ve bu suretle kamu alacağını güvence altına almak için Katma Değer Vergisi Genel uygulama Tebliği’nin (KDVGUT) IV-E bölümündeki düzenlemelere dayanarak özel esaslara tabi tutmaktadır. Vergi idaresinin, vergi mükellefi olan işletmeler hakkında tesis ettiği bu işlem sonucunda haklarında bu yönde işlem tesis edilen işletmeler, işlem sonrasında artık hiçbir müşterisi tarafından tercih edilmemektedir. Zincirleme reaksiyona neden olan bu durum faaliyet devamlılığının sağlanmasına engel oldu . . .ğu gibi, işletmeler bu şekilde devlet eliyle iflas ve israfa sürüklenmektedir. Vergi idaresinin özel esasa alma işlemleri nedeniyle işletmelerin maruz kaldığı telafisi imkânsız zararların boyutları, işlemin iptalinin sağlanması amacıyla tüketilen işletme kaynaklarının israfı, oluşan zararların telafisinin mümkün olup olmadığı, üzerine yapılan araştırmada işletmelerin bundan kurtulması veya buna maruz kalmamasının nasıl sağlanacağına yönelik çözüm önerileri bu tezin konusunu oluşturmaktadır. Tez için seçilen konu günümüzde çok sayıda ticari ve sınai işletmeyi doğrudan etkileyen, işletmelerin yaşaması, büyümeleri ve ülke kalkınmasında aktif rol oynamalarının önündeki en büyük engellerden biri olan bir konu olduğundan tez konusu olarak belirlenmiştir Public administration; It subjects the businesses, which it predicts to be able to evade taxes by issuing false documents, to special principles based on the regulations in the IV-E section of the Value Added Tax General Implementation Communiqué (KDVGUT) in order to subject them to tax inspection in order to protect the public receivables and thus to secure the public receivables. As a result of this transaction established by the tax administration on taxpayer businesses, businesses that have been dealt with in this direction are no longer preferred by any of their customers after the transaction. This situation, which causes a chain reaction, prevents the continuity of activity, and businesses are dragged into bankruptcy and waste by the state in this way. The subject of this thesis is the size of the irreparable losses incurred by the enterprises due to the special principles of the tax administration, the waste of operating resources consumed to ensure the cancellation of the transaction, whether it is possible to compensate for the losses incurred, and in the research on how the enterprises can be saved from this or not be exposed to it. . The topic chosen for the thesis has been determined as the thesis topic, as it is a subject that directly affects many commercial and industrial enterprises and is one of the biggest obstacles to the survival of the enterprises, their growth and playing an active role in the development of the country Daha fazlası Daha az

Soğuk Savaş dönemi sonrası realizm teorisi çerçevesinde değişen güvenlik algısı ve dünya güvenliğinin artan önemi The changing security perception in the framework of realism theory after the Cold War and the increasing importance of world security

Gökhan Akın Demircioğlu

Tez | 2023 | İstanbul Topkapı Üniversitesi

Küresel dünya sisteminde güvenlik kavramının önemli bir yere sahip olduğu tartışılmaz bir gerçektir. Soğuk Savaş Dönemi sonrasında yaşanan gelişmeler devlet güvenliğinin hala ön planda olduğunu göstermektedir. Bu duruma ek olarak dünya güvenliğinin önemi de artmaktadır. Bu çalışmada devlet güvenliği ve dünya güvenliğinin öneminden bahsedilecek, ülkelerin devlet güvenliğini artıran ulusal ve uluslararası politikalardan vazgeçmeleri ve asıl önemli olan dünya güvenliği üzerinde durmaları ve politikalarına buna göre belirlemeleri gerekliliği hususu çalışılacaktır. Devlet güvenliğini artırıcı politikaların birey güvenliğini ve refahını a . . .zalttığı ayrıca dünya güvenliğini de riske soktuğu, bu politikaların devam etmesi sonucunda insanoğlunun ve dünya üzerindeki canlıların güvende olamayacağı konusu üzerinde durulacaktır. Önemli olan güçlü olmak, güvende olmak değil bu durumu; ırk, devlet ve din ayrımı yapmadan eşit şekilde dağıtabilmek ve herkesin bu durumdan eşit şekilde yararlanabilmesini sağlamaktır. It is an indisputable fact that the concept of security has an important place in the global world system. The developments after the Cold War Period show that State security is still at the forefront. In addition to this situation, the importance of world security is increasing. In this study, the importance of state security and world security will be mentioned, and the necessity of countries to abandon national and international policies that increase state security and to focus on world security, which is most important, and determine their policies accordingly will be studied. It will be emphasized that policies that increase state security reduce individual security and welfare and put world security at risk. As a result of these policies, human beings and living things on earth cannot be safe. The important thing is to be strong, not to be safe; to distribute it equally without discrimination of race, state and religion and to ensure everyone can benefit from this situation equally Daha fazlası Daha az

Bektaşilik bağlamında İttihad-Terakki, Masonluk ve Baron Rudolf Von Sebottendorf In the context of Bektashism Ittihad-Terakki, Freemasonry and Baron Rudolf Von Sebottendorf

Meryem Yasemin Köksal

Tez | 2023 | İstanbul Topkapı Üniversitesi

Jön Türkler ile başlayıp İttihad-Terakki Cemiyeti ile süregelen liberal hareketin Osmanlı İmparatorluğu’na meşrutiyet rejimini getirmesi, imparatorluğun kaderini değiştirdi. Günümüzde varlıklarını sürdürmemelerine rağmen, fikirlerinin Cumhuriyet’in kurucu kadrolarınca sahiplenilmesi ve bu doğrultuda gerçekleştirilen uygulamaları; bu akım mensuplarının ne denli güçlü bir etki yarattıklarını göstermektedir. Yapılan literatür taramasında, bu liberal hareketin Masonluk ile bağlantılarının çeşitli kaynaklarda defaatle vurgulandığı gözlenmiştir. Aynı şekilde Bektaşilik ile bağlantıları da incelenmiştir. Bu araştırma ile; İttihad-Terakki C . . .emiyeti üzerinden ortaya konan Masonluk ve Bektaşilik gibi iki ezoterik yapının, siyasi bir ortaklığın ötesinde, teori ve uygulamalar açısından da benzerlik sergileyip sergilemediği saptanmaya çalışılmıştır. Bu doğrultuda; Osmanlı İmparatorluğu’nun son yılları ve Türkiye Cumhuriyeti’nin ilk yıllarına şahitlik eden Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorf’un yazmış olduğu “Eski Türk Masonlarının Uygulamaları” kitabı, konuya ışık tutması açısından oldukça faydalı bir kaynak olarak değerlendirilmektedir. 1924 yılında yayımlanan eserde ana hatlarıyla; Masonluk ve Bektaşilik ritüelleri, teori ve uygulamalar üzerinden ele alınmıştır. Yazar, Bektaşiliği “Eski Türk Masonluğu” olarak tanımlarken, gerekçesini benzer ritüeller üzerinden ispatlamaya çalışmıştır. The liberal movement that started with the Young Turks and continued with the Committee of Ittihad-Terakki brought the constitutional regime to the Ottoman Empire, which changed the fate of the empire. Although they do not survive today, the adoption of their ideas by the constituent staff of the Republic and the practices carried out in this direction; This shows how strong an influence the members of this movement have created. In the literatüre review, it was observed that the connections of this liberal movement with Freemasonry were repeatedly emphasized in various sources. Likewise, its connections with Bektashism were also examined. With this research; It has been tried to determine whether the two esoteric structures such as Freemasonry and Bektashism, which were revealed through the Committee of Ittihad-Terakki, exhibit similarity in terms of theory and practices beyond a political partnership. In this direction; The book “The Practices of Old Turkish Freemasons” written by Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorf, who witnessed the last years of the Ottoman Empire and the first years of the Turkish Republic, is considered as a very useful resource in terms of shedding light on the subject. The main lines of the work published in 1924; Freemasonry and Bektashism rituals are discussed through theory and practices. While the author defines Bektashism as “Old Turkish Freemasonry”, he tried to prove his reason through similar rituals Daha fazlası Daha az

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