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Multi-Class Document Classification Based on Deep Neural Network and Word2Vec

Metin Zontul

Makale | 2022 | JOURNAL OF AERONAUTICS AND SPACE TECHNOLOGIES15 ( 1 ) , pp.59 - 65

With the increase in unstructured data, the importance of classification of text-based documents has increased. In particular, the classification of news texts and digital documentation provides easy access to the information sought. In this study, a large amount of news textual data was used. After the data set was preprocessed, Bag of Words (BoW), TF-IDF, Word2Vec and Doc2Vec word embedding methods were applied. In the classification phase, Random Forest (RF), Multilayer Perceptron (MLP), Support Vector Machine (SVM) and Deep Neural Network (DNN) algorithms were applied. As a result of the experimental studies, using the Word2Vec . . .method together with the DNN algorithm performed the best result. Yapısal olmayan verilerin artmasıyla birlikte metin tabanlı belgelerin sınıflandırılmasının önemi artmıştır. Özellikle haber metinlerinin sınıflandırılması ve dijital dokümantasyon, aranan bilgilere kolay erişim sağlar. Bu çalışmada, büyük miktarda metinsel haber verisi kullanılmıştır. Veri seti ön işlemeye tabi tutulduktan sonra, Bag of Words (BoW), TF-IDF, Word2Vec ve Doc2Vec kelime temsil yöntemleri uygulanmıştır. Sınıflandırma aşamasında Random Forest (RF), Multilayer Perceptron (MLP), Support Vector Machine (SVM) ve Deep Neural Network (DNN) algoritmaları uygulanmıştır. Deneysel çalışmalar sonucunda DNN algoritması ile birlikte Word2Vec yönteminin kullanılması en iyi sonucu vermiştir Daha fazlası Daha az

Distance Education in Tourism and Hospitality amid Covid-19: Perspectives of Students and Academics


Makale | 2022 | Journal of Tourismology

The current pandemic has reshaped all aspects of life, and higher education is no exception. Despite the growing interest in how universities are coping with distance education during crises, there is limited knowledge on how such a delivery model is perceived by both students and academics. Drawing on the experiences of tourism and hospitality students and academics, the present study delves into the distance education experience amid Covid-19 identifying its advantages and challenges. In-depth interviews with tourism and hospitality students and academics in Turkey (12 students and 12 academics) were conducted, and the data were a . . .nalysed using content analysis. The findings suggest that distance education amid Covid-19 has brought some opportunities, but also posited significant challenges. On the benefit side, distance education seems to have provided students with easier access to information/learning materials and more flexibility while enabling tourism academics to dedicate more time to research activities. On the negative side, however, students seem to be unhappy for being deprived of their social life at class and on campus whereas tourism academics raised concerns related to their lecture content being monitored and accessible, thus limiting their freedom of “lecturing their way”. The current study contributes to the growing body on knowledge on distance education in the time of crisis and provides recommendations to different stakeholders in higher education Daha fazlası Daha az

A Meta-Heuristic Algorithm Based on the Happiness Model


Makale | 2023 | Studies in Computational Intelligence , pp.109 - 126

Recent work has attempted to determine the appropriate global minimum for complex problems. The paper presents a population and direct-based swarm optimization algorithm called the happiness optimizer (HPO) algorithm. An HPO algorithm is designed based on personal behavior and demonstrated in 30 and 100 dimensions on benchmark functions. The model includes four questions: “what do you want?”, “what do you have?”, “what do others have?”, and “what happened?”, which guide the development of a happiness behavior model. By considering the balancing between exploration and exploitation operators in the search space problem, efficiency, r . . .obustness, and stability were demonstrated for synthetic and real cases. For comparison, our proposed algorithm and some well-known algorithms will be 30 times applied on the benchmark functions and then compared with statistical value and Wilcoxon signed-rank test. As a consequence, the performance, reliability, and stability of our work have been demonstrated better than the others. © 2023, The Author(s), under exclusive license to Springer Nature Switzerland AG Daha fazlası Daha az

The future of data mining


Makale | 2022 | The Future of Data Mining , pp.1 - 142

The purpose of this book is to discuss data mining, which is a subset of data science, from a variety of perspectives. With the technological advances of recent years, new software and hardware-based systems are available in most business environments. With these systems, data production continues to increase in personal, corporate, commercial and many other areas. Information systems convert raw data, which alone are not so meaningful, into information after the processes are applied. Database systems are necessary for the storage and management of the information generated. Revealing meaningful relationships hidden in a stack of h . . .igh-volume data shows the function of data mining. Processing big data has become important to produce information that will support business decisions and be a strategic tool in today's competitive environment. In this context, the effectiveness of data mining applications is increasing day by day as a decision support system to develop marketing strategies in every sector by identifying customer behavior and target groups. © 2022 by Nova Science Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved Daha fazlası Daha az

Hybrid Gray Wolf Optimization–Proportional Integral Based Speed Controllers for Brush-Less DC Motor

Javad Rahebi

Makale | 2023 | Article,Energies , pp.1 - 18

For Brush-less DC motors to function better under various operating settings, such as constant load situations, variable loading situations, and variable set speed situations, speed controller design is essential. Conventional controllers including proportional integral controllers, frequently fall short of efficiency expectations and this is mostly because the characteristics of a Brush-less DC motor drive exhibit non linearity. This work proposes a hybrid gray wolf optimization and proportional integral controller for management of the speed in Brush-less DC motors to address this issue. For constant load conditions, varying load . . .situations and varying set speed situations, the proposed controller’s efficiency is evaluated and contrasted with that of PID controller, PSO-PI controller, and ANFIS. In this study, two PI controller are used to get the more stability of the system based on tuning of their coefficients with meta heuristic method. The simulation findings show that Hybrid GWO-PI-based controllers are in every way superior to other controllers under consideration. In this study, four case studies are presented, and the best-case study was obtained 0.18619, 0.01928, 0.00030, and 0.01233 for RMSE, IAE, ITAE, and ISE respectively Daha fazlası Daha az

Reproducing orientalism with cinema: Aladdin (2019)


Makale | 2021 | Handbook of Research on Contemporary Approaches to Orientalism in Media and Beyond , pp.953 - 973

The place and importance of mass media as an ideological device is accepted without any discussion today. The sovereign states, trying to impose their ideology and world view to "others," impose the dominant ideology by using the media as well as economic and political pressure. Cinema is like a mirror that reveals the socio-cultural and economic structures in societies and reflects all changes and conflicts. Therefore, the relationship between cinema and social structure is quite strong. At this point, the relationship between cinema and orientalism, which is the subject of the study, becomes important. Orientalism is constantly be . . .ing reproduced through cinema, which is one of the most effective mass media. In this context, the movie Aladdin produced in 2019 will be analyzed in order to analyze how the orientalist perspective is reproduced with cinema and how the eastern image is "otherized." In the study, critical discourse analysis method was preferred for the purpose of analyzing the social and political backgrounds of the ideologies in the film. © 2021, IGI Global Daha fazlası Daha az

Web Service-Based Two-Dimensional Vehicle Pallet Loading with Routing for a Real-World Problem

Metin Zontul

Makale | 2022 | Conference Proceedings

Since increasing oil prices and vehicle costs increase transportation costs in order delivery systems, the optimal vehicle loading and routing is very crucial for the companies in competitive conditions. Although there are many studies related to optimal vehicle loading and routing by using linear programming and heuristic algorithms, there is not enough practical web service-based application in the literature. In this study, we propose a hybrid model to solve the problem of two-dimensional vehicle pallet loading with routing for a real-world data by combining Knapsack Problem solver algorithms such as MaxRects, Skyline and Guillot . . .ine with Dijkstra's algorithm for loading and routing respectively as a web service-based application. © 2022 IEEE Daha fazlası Daha az

Mapping the governmental response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its implications on the hospitality and tourism industry: The case of Turkey


Makale | 2021 | Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has gained unprecedented scholarly attention across almost all disciplines and hospitality and tourism industry is no exception. Given the persistence of the pandemic, there seems to be much to know about its possible impacts and how countries react to build resilience and help businesses to recover and rest. Drawing on the case of Turkey and focusing on the hospitality and tourism industry, this chapter maps the governmental response to the pandemic in terms of measures taken and restrictions imposed. The chapter begins with a brief description of the key observed and projected impacts of COVID-19 on t . . .he hospitality and tourism industry including hotels, airlines, and restaurants. It proceeds with scrutinizing governmental circulars and notices aiming at regulating different aspects of the hospitality and tourism industry. The chapter concludes by reflecting on the governmental strategies to help individuals and businesses cope with the pandemic, Äôs adverse impacts. © Dogan Gursoy, Mehmet Sarıışık, Robin Nunkoo and Erhan Boğan 2021 Daha fazlası Daha az

Development of a Counterfeit Vehicle License Plate Detection System by Using Deep Learning


Makale | 2022 | Balkan Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering

In this study, a deep learning-based counterfeit plate detection system that compares and detects vehicles with the make, model, color, and license plate is designed. As known that the relevant government institutions are responsible for keeping all detailed information about all motor vehicles in their database. All registration details are stored in the database. It is possible to find unregistered vehicles by comparing database records with detected details. In general, vehicles with counterfeit license plates are used in illegal actions. Therefore, it is of great importance to detect them. Generally, license plate recognition sy . . .stems successfully detect counterfeit license plates that are randomly generated. Security units typically use such systems at toll roads, bridge crossings, parking lot entrances and exits, sites, customs gates, etc. This kind of system only checks the plate is exists or not in the database. But it is unsuccessful if the vehicle uses existing plate numbers such as stolen ones. In this study, the developed system can detect not only vehicles' plate numbers but also make, model, year, and color information by using deep learning. Thus, the system can also detect randomly generated plates and stolen plates that belong to another vehicle Daha fazlası Daha az

Richards’s curve induced Banach space valued multivariate neural network approximation


Makale | 2022 | Arabian Journal of Mathematics , pp.252 - 257

Here, we present multivariate quantitative approximations of Banach space valued continuous multivariate functions on a box or RN , N ∈ N, by the multivariate normalized, quasi-interpolation, Kantorovichtype and quadrature-type neural network operators. We examine also the case of approximation by iterated operators of the last four types. These approximations are achieved by establishing multidimensional Jackson type inequalities involving the multivariate modulus of continuity of the engaged function or its high-order Fréchet derivatives. Our multivariate operators are defined using a multidimensional density function induced by t . . .he Richards’s curve, which is a generalized logistic function. The approximations are pointwise, uniform and L p. The related feed-forward neural network is with one hidden layer Daha fazlası Daha az

The Place and Importance of Artificial Intelligence in the Gastronomy Sector


Makale | 2022 | Gazi University Journal of Science PART C: DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY , pp.1070 - 1082

The demand for artificial intelligence in the world is increasing day by day in the gastronomy sector. In this study, the importance of artificial intelligence in the gastronomy sector is emphasized and the studies on this subject are mentioned. Since the studies in the literature are limited, studies on all sub-branches related to artificial intelligence-based gastronomy and tourism are mentioned. The number of studies related to gastronomy and artificial intelligence in the literature is limited. Therefore, in this study, artificial intelligence applications used in the gastronomy sector are detailed under the subheadings of cuisi . . .ne, promotion, health, and forecasting. Accordingly, approximately 40 articles were analyzed considering these subheadings. In light of the information obtained from these studies, artificial intelligence systems to be developed in the gastronomy sector will provide great gains. Moreover, it is estimated that meeting consumer expectations and using innovative technologies in the gastronomy sector will increase the popularity of gastronomy science Daha fazlası Daha az

Popüler Kültür Bağlamında Reklamlarda Kadın İmgesi

Emine Karakeçili

Makale | 2021 | Turkish Studies - Social Sciences16 ( 2 ) , pp.637 - 645

Being a significant popular culture phenomenon nowadays, advertisements focus on product promotion. Through mass media, advertisements not only promote goods and services but also create new trends which would become prominent by individual and social identities. Products with advertisements basically involving individuals’ needs are no longer a sufficient motive for the individuals to prefer them because the diversity in the market also brought about the need for different factors that would make people lean to those products. The main factor in popular culture is creating a specific area of usage and releasing the product into mar . . .ket for consumption. In other words, this culture could possibly make itself a requirement/need. Although this is actually something imposed, it is demonstrated as a value which presents freedom for the society and leaves individuals with their own preferences. Products unique to popular culture give individuals temporary happiness and make them addicted through their pleasure. The reason for giving temporary happiness is because they do not maintain continuity. Popular culture spares no sacrifice in terms of advertising in making itself accepted among the society. The result is the use of gender as the main factor in the advertising content. It is obvious that gender, thus sexuality, serves triggering consumers’ buying motivations and desires. This study will address the images of women in TV commercials and their effect. Document review method has been used study Daha fazlası Daha az

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