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Fishier mantis optimiser: a swarm intelligence algorithm for clustering images of COVID-19 pandemic

Javad Rahebi

Makale | 2023 | International Journal of Nanotechnology20 ( 1-4 ) , pp.25 - 45

In this study, an automated segmentation method is used to increase the speed of diagnosis and reduce the segmentation error of CT scans of the lung. In the proposed technique, the fishier mantis optimiser (FMO) algorithm is modelling and formulated based on the intelligent behaviour of mantis insects for hunting to create an intelligent algorithm for image segmentation. In the second phase of the proposed method, the proposed algorithm is used to cluster scanned image images of COVID-19 patients. Implementation of the proposed technique on CT scan images of patients shows that the similarity index of the proposed method is 98.36%, . . . accuracy is 98.45%, and sensitivity is 98.37%. The proposed algorithm is more accurate in diagnosing COVID-19 patients than the falcon algorithm, the spotted hyena optimiser (SHO), the Grasshopper optimisation algorithm (GOA), the grey wolf optimisation algorithm (GWO), and the black widow optimisation algorithm (BWO) Daha fazlası Daha az

A memetic animal migration optimizer for multimodal optimization

Taymaz Rahkar Farshi


Unimodal optimization algorithms can find only one global optimum solution, while multimodal ones have the ability to detect all/most existing local/global optima in the problem space. Many practical scientific and engineering optimization problems have multiple optima to be located. There are a considerable number of optimization approaches in the literature to address the unimodal problems. Although multimodal optimization methods have not been studied as much as the unimodal ones, they have attracted an enormous amount of attention recently. However, most of them suffer from a common niching parameter problem. The main difficulty . . . faced by existing approaches is determining the proper niching radius. Determining the appropriate radius of the niche requires prior knowledge of the problem space. This paper proposes a novel multimodal optimization scheme that does not face the dilemma of having prior knowledge of the problem space as it does not require the niching parameter to be determined in advance. This scheme is the extended version of the unimodal animal migration optimization (AMO) algorithm that has the capability of taking advantage of finding multiple solutions. Like other multimodal optimization approaches, the proposed MAMO requires specific modifications to make it possible to locate multiple optima. The local neighborhood policy is modified to adapt the multimodal search by utilizing Coulomb's law. Also, Coulomb's law is also applied to decide the movement direction of the individuals. Hence, instead of moving an individual toward the two randomly chosen individuals, it moves toward the near and good enough two neighborhoods. Additionally, a further local search step is performed to improve the exploitation. To investigate the performance of the MAMO, the comparisons are conducted with five existing multi-modal optimization algorithms on nine benchmarks of the CEC 2013 competition. The experimental results reveal that the MAMO performs success in locating all or most of the local/global optima and outperforms other compared methods. Note that the source codes of the proposed MAMO algorithm are publicly available at Daha fazlası Daha az

Relationship between cognitive appraisal and coping style following acute stress among male and female Turkish athletes

Mark H. Anshel | Toto Sutarso | Didem Sozen

Makale | 2012 | International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology ROUTLEDGE JOURNALS, TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD

The purpose of this study was to examine the relationships between factors of two constructs, cognitive appraisal and coping style among Turkish athletes. Turkish athletes (N 325) completed a two-part inventory called the coping style in sport survey (CSSS), which consisted of the athletes' appraisal of a stressful event and how they coped with this stressor. Theory-driven categories of appraisal and coping style were generated from the CSSS. Appraisals were labeled rumination, self-blame, and confidence, while coping styles were aggressiveness, discounting, and distraction. Results of confirmatory factor analyses (CFA) and structur . . .al equation models (SEM) indicated that the correlations among factors of appraisal and coping style were significant, as were the use of different appraisals and coping styles between genders. The results of this study lend credence to the relationship between cognitive appraisal and coping style among adult male and female competitive athletes Daha fazlası Daha az

Some New Results on Bicomplex Bernstein Polynomials

Seda Karateke | Cigdem Atakut | Oezge Ozalp Guller | Carlo Cattani

Makale | 2021 | MDPI

The aim of this work is to consider bicomplex Bernstein polynomials attached to analytic functions on a compact C2-disk and to present some approximation properties extending known approximation results for the complex Bernstein polynomials. Furthermore, we obtain and present quantitative estimate inequalities and the Voronovskaja-type result for analytic functions by bicomplex Bernstein polynomials.

A multi-modal bacterial foraging optimization algorithm

Taymaz Rahkar Farshi | Mohanna Orujpour


In recent years, multi-modal optimization algorithms have attracted considerable attention, largely because many real-world problems have more than one solution. Multi-modal optimization algorithms are able to find multiple local/global optima (solutions), while unimodal optimization algorithms only find a single global optimum (solution) among the set of the solutions. Niche-based multi-modal optimization approaches have been widely used for solving multi-modal problems. These methods require a predefined niching parameter but estimating the proper value of the niching parameter is challenging without having prior knowledge of the . . .problem space. In this paper, a novel multi-modal optimization algorithm is proposed by extending the unimodal bacterial foraging optimization algorithm. The proposed multi-odal bacterial foraging optimization (MBFO) scheme does not require any additional parameter, including the niching parameter, to be determined in advance. Furthermore, the complexity of this new algorithm is less than its unimodal form because the elimination-dispersal step is excluded, as is any other phase, like a clustering or local search algorithm. The algorithm is compared with six multi-modal optimization algorithms on nine commonly used multi-modal benchmark functions. The experimental results demonstrate that the MBFO algorithm is useful in solving multi-modal optimization problems and outperforms other methods Daha fazlası Daha az

Digital Media in Sports Organizations: The Mediator Role of Social Media Addiction in FoMO and Compulsive Online Shopping

Ayşe Demir

Makale | 2021 | Journal of Educational Issues

The impact of communication on individuals and the masses is undeniable. Now, every domain of daily life is influenced by the power of communication thanks to developing technology. The present study aimed to explore the relationship between fear of missing out (FoMO) and compulsive online shopping and investigate the mediator role of social media addiction on this relationship. The sample consisted of randomly selected 205 sports volunteers, 77 females (37.6%) and 128 males (62.4%), taking part in the 16th NKolay Istanbul Half Marathon on April 4, 2021. We collected the data using the “Fear of Missing Out” scale (FoMOS) consisting . . .of 10 items within a subscale, the “Social Media Addiction” scale (SMAS) composed of 20 items within two subscales, and the “Compulsive Online Shopping” scale (COSS) consisting of 28 items within five subscales. We sought answers for seven hypotheses in the study employing a correlational design. The results confirmed our three hypotheses, partially confirmed two hypotheses, rejected the other two hypotheses. We determined that the SMAS were positively correlated with the FoMOS and the COSS. In addition, the FoMOS was positively correlated with the COSS. On the other hand, we concluded that social media addiction partially mediated the relationship between fear of missing out (FoMO) and compulsive online shopping among our participants. While virtual communication had a mediating effect on this relationship, it was not the case for virtual tolerance Daha fazlası Daha az

Multilevel image thresholding with multimodal optimization

Taymaz Rahkar Farshi | Recep Demirci

Makale | 2021 | SPRINGER

Thresholding method is one of the most popular approaches for image segmentation where an objective function is defined in terms of threshold numbers and their locations in a histogram. If only a single threshold is considered, a segmented image with two classes is achieved. On the other hand, multiple classes in the output image are created with multilevel thresholding. Otsu and Kapur's procedures have been conventional steps for defining objective functions. Nevertheless, the fundamental problem with thresholding techniques is the determination of threshold numbers, which must be selected by the user. In that respect, thresholding . . . methods with both techniques are user-dependent, and may not be practical for real-time image processing applications. In this study, a novel thresholding algorithm without any objective function has been proposed. Histogram curve was considered as an objective function. The peaks and valley in histogram have been detected by means of multimodal particle swarm optimization algorithms. Accordingly, valleys between two peaks have been assigned as thresholds. Consequently, the developed scheme does not need any user intervention and finds the number of thresholds automatically. Furthermore, computation time is independent of the number of thresholds, whereas computation time in Otsu and Kapur procedures depends on the number of thresholds Daha fazlası Daha az



Makale | 2019 | sinecine: Sinema Araştırmaları Dergisi

This article focuses on the epistolary form in unconventional films from Turkeypreoccupied with a traumatic past. The formal approach to epistolarity dependson Hamid Naficy’s (2001) description of accented style. The epistles in selectedfilms are categorized according to medium and are analyzed as formal and asnarrative elements. Epistolarity is discussed as one of the prominent strategiesfor engaging with the past, and its function as documentation of the past is understood in terms of Marianne Hirsh’s (2008) conceptualization of postmemory.



Makale | 2021 | Çağdaş Türkiye Tarihi Araştırmaları Dergisi

This paper addresses the question of whether or not the trade agreement signed by Soviet Union and Turkey on March 11, 1927 was a milestone for fostering the foreign trade relations among the two countries. At that time Soviet laws included, the foreign trade administration must be monopolized by the state. However, in reality, it is difficult to push state monopolization on international trade especially when the commercial activities take place on foreign soil. Every independent state desires to protect the interests of its entrepreneurs and traders. However, when there is a structure like the Soviet Union that protects its foreig . . .n trade with state institutions that constitute a monopoly against entrepreneurs and traders, this requires a strong will to achieve. Another option is to ignore, avoid establishing trade relations, and deranging the settled system with the Soviet Union as the western countries did for a long time. In this context, the developing foreign trade relations among Turkey and the Soviet Union prospered due to goodwill and overpassing small problems by the bureaucrats of the two states until the second half of the 1920s. On the other hand, the struggles of the two countries to piece their economies up, brought new pursuits together. The Soviet Union started to give up running its foreign trade with joint-stock incorporations. Hence, abiding with the foreign trade monopoly, companies like Arkos and Russoturk will turn into Soviet Trade Agency. In the emerging conditions of the mid-1920s Turkey called on countries that had not yet signed a trade agreement with herself in order to initiate agreement negotiations. The Soviet Union, on the other hand, was willing to impose its trade institutions on other countries as the NEP was coming to end Daha fazlası Daha az


Banu Manav


In lighting design, the main concept is to achieve a healthy environment, which addresses energy efficiency, cost, maintenance, and quality. User-friendly lighting systems shall be adopted to architecture and interior architecture. User control over the lighting system is important, by dimming or increasing light output, by changing the colour of the light sets the inner atmosphere and affects user mood. Standards and codes on lighting shall also be evaluated by means of these topics. The paper aims to analyse how the luminous environment is affective on the perceived environment. Hence, a series of experimental studies and recent r . . .esearch will be evaluated in regard to understanding and designing luminous environment Daha fazlası Daha az

Does the group membership shape evaluations on other drivers? The role of symbolic cues in traffic

Burcu Tekes | Uygar Erkus | Timo Lajunen

Makale | 2019 | ELSEVIER SCI LTD

The present study investigated the effects of group membership on drivers' evaluations of themselves and other drivers. An online survey was completed by 144 university students. As measurement, mini Driver Behavior Questionnaire (DBQ) with the addition of three aggressive violation items of the original DBQ the Positive Driver Behavior Scale, and an adjective list were used. Participants assessed their own driving behavior as well as three different driver identities represented by three sets of car photographs. In-group (the university) identity, out-group (politically provocative) identity and no identity (control) were represent . . .ed to participants by use of different car stickers and accessories. As our hypotheses suggested, the participants made the highest evaluations for their own driving behavior, while making the lowest evaluations for the out-group in both measures. Additionally, participants evaluated their in-group members' driving behaviors more favorable than other identities. Results were discussed in terms of social identity theory. (C) 2019 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved Daha fazlası Daha az

From Secular Muslim Feminisimto Islamic Feminism(s) and New Generation Islamic Feministsin Egypt, Iran and Turkey


Makale | 2021 | Border Crossing

Indominantly Muslim societies, there have been two major feminist paradigms referred to as “secular Muslim feminism”emerging at late nineteenth century and “Islamic feminism(s)”arising after the 4th women world congress inBeijingin 1995. They evolved in historical contexts where new subjects and identities were being re/fashioned out of shifting combinations of religious, class, ethnic, and nationalaffiliations. On the one hand, secular Muslim feminism joined the western oriented first wave of liberal feminism including secular nationalists, Islamic modernists, humanitarian/human rightists, and democrats. Islamic feminism,on the oth . . .er hand,is expressed in a single or dominantly religiously grounded discourse taking the Qur'an as its core text. In this article, I reflect on the roots of feminism in the Middle Eastwith a particular emphasis on Egypt, Iran and Turkey. I discusssecular feminism and Islamic feminism, and what makes them distinct. Finally, I discuss whether a new wave of Islamic feminism has been formed with the criticisms of a new generation of Islamic feminists Daha fazlası Daha az

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