Some Generalized Results on Grey Number Operations Based on Liu-Lin Axioms of Greyness Degree and Information Content


Makale | 2022 | International Journal of Contemporary Economics and Administrative Sciences

In this manuscript, with grounding in Liu–Lin axioms of greyness degree and information content, we provide new results that relate to these concepts in consideration of a number of mathematical operations over a sequence of grey numbers. In particular, we derive greyness degree results of summation, conic combination, and convex combination of a sequence, as well as inverse of a number and normalization of a number over a sequence. Then, we turn our attention to prove information content results for the union and intersection of a sequence. We illustrate our results by using a simple Monte Carlo simulation in the multi-attribute de . . .cision-making context, and by using an interesting dice-rolling experiment. Through our analysis, we also provide some new definitions, such as for conic combination, convex combination, normalization, and union and intersection operations. The novelty of the derived results in this study is that they can help researchers and practitioners of grey systems in tracking probable intensifications and reductions in the greyness degree in successive application steps of their working methods. Moreover, researchers are provided with two results to calculate information content for the union and intersection of grey numbers in an uncomplicated manner Daha fazlası Daha az

A Study on the Moderator Role of Vendor Trustworthiness on the Effect of perceived Usefulness and Ease of Use in Mobile Shopping on Purchasing Intention


Makale | 2022 | International Journal of Contemporary Economics and Administrative Sciences

This study examines the effects of users' perceived usefulness and ease of use of mobile sites in their mobile purchasing processes on customer satisfaction and purchase intentions, according to users' perceived trustworthiness towards the vendor with the Technology Acceptance Model perspective.As a result of the analysis made with the data obtained through the survey from 460 active mobile shopping participants over 18, it was concluded that the perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use affect the participants' satisfaction with the mobile site. This satisfaction has a positive effect on the purchase intentions of the customer . . .s.In addition, it was concluded that the perceived trustworthiness of the vendor has a moderating effect on the effect of the satisfaction of the participants from the use of the mobile site on their purchase intention.The positive relationship between participants' satisfaction with mobile site usage and purchase intentions is stronger under conditions of higher perceived trustworthiness towards the vendor Daha fazlası Daha az

Investigating the Relationship Between Brand Experience Dimensions and Brand Resonance through two Different Brands Selected from the Cosmetics and Food Sectors


Makale | 2022 | IJCEAS ( Volume 12 Issue 1 Year 2022 )

In today's global competitive environment, where the functional benefits of products and services converge, the concept of experience has become increasingly important for brands in creating customer loyalty. In the present study, the effects of sensory, affective, behavioral and intellectual dimensions of brand experience on brand resonance, which represents a high level of active loyalty and interaction in the brandcustomer relationship, were examined through two brands selected from two different sectors. The research was carried out using the survey method by reaching a total of 465 people who are users of the relevant brands. I . . .n the analysis of the collected data, it was aimed to determine the effect of different dimensions of brand experience on brand resonance separately, and to compare the results by repeating the analysis for both brands. The results obtained in the study show that affective, behavioral and intellectual experiences had a significant effect on brand resonance in both selected brands, while sensory experience dimension did not make a statistically significant contribution to explaining brand resonance Daha fazlası Daha az

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