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Web Service-Based Two-Dimensional Vehicle Pallet Loading with Routing for a Real-World Problem

Metin Zontul

Since increasing oil prices and vehicle costs increase transportation costs in order delivery systems, the optimal vehicle loading and routing is very crucial for the companies in competitive conditions. Although there are many studies related to optimal vehicle loading and routing by using linear programming and heuristic algorithms, there is not enough practical web service-based application in the literature. In this study, we propose a hybrid model to solve the problem of two-dimensional vehicle pallet loading with routing for a real-world data by combining Knapsack Problem solver algorith ...Daha fazlası

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Features of Metaheuristic Algorithm for Integration with ANFIS Model

Aref Yelghı

In recent years, many applications based on the Neural Network, Neuro-Fuzzy, and optimization algorithms have been more common for solving regression and classification problems. In the Adaptive Neuro-fuzzy inference system(ANFIS), many researchers used the adaption of metaheuristic algorithms with ANFIS to propose the best estimation model. However, many researchers only focused on the experiment without the demonstration mathematical or indicating which characteristic of optimization algorithm, during the run, affect and settable in coordination with ANFIS. The paper provides an adaption of ...Daha fazlası

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2D Vector Representation of Binomial Hierarchical Tree Items

Metin Zontul | Seda Karateke

Today Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms need to represent different kinds of input items in numeric or vector format. Some input data can easily be transformed to numeric or vector format but the structure of some special data prevents direct and easy transformation. For instance, we can represent air condition using humidity, pressure, and temperature values with a vector that has three features and we can understand the similarity of two different air measurements using cosine-similarity of two vectors. But if we are dealing with a general ontology tree, which has elements "entity"as t ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

Offering New Routing Method in Ad hoc Networks using Ant Colony Algorithm

Aref Yelghı

The aim of this study is to provide a novel method routing in ad hoc networks using ant colony algorithm. Hence for this study the researcher attempts to discover and create routes with less number of crossings, nodes sustainable and less energy transfer, to reduce latency end-to-end, save bandwidth and to extend the life and increase the lifetime of the network nodes. Research methodology for simulation algorithm has been OPNET software. Therefore, the proposed algorithm's performance was compared with one of the most routing algorithms in mobile ad hoc networks Ant Hoc Net. The results showe ...Daha fazlası

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