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Cross-cultural aspects of tourism and hospitality: a services marketing and management perspective, 1st edition

Derya Demirdelen Alrawadieh

Cross-Cultural Aspects of Tourism and Hospitalityauthored by Erdogan Koc makes a timely andsignificant contribution not only to tourism and hospitality research but also to cross-culturaltheory. This elegant book involves 13 chapters and is supplemented with 15figures, 51 tables,and a comprehensive index. Each chapter provides important insights into the cross-culturalaspects of the tourism and hospitality industry. Each chapter begins with a set of learningobjectives showing what the reader is expected to know after reading the chapter. Theauthor is also to be acclaimed for enriching each cha ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

The sun is no fun without rain: Physical environments affect how we feel about yellow across 55 countries

Banu Manav

Across cultures, people associate colours with emotions. Here, we test the hypothesis that one driver of this cross-modal correspondence is the physical environment we live in. We focus on a prime example - the association of yellow with joy, - which conceivably arises because yellow is reminiscent of life-sustaining sunshine and pleasant weather. If so, this association should be especially strong in countries where sunny weather is a rare occurrence. We analysed yellow-joy associations of 6625 participants from 55 countries to investigate how yellow-joy associations varied geographically, cl ...Daha fazlası

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