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Predicting stock returns with financial ratios: A new methodology incorporating machine learning techniques to beat the market

Zeynep İltüzer

This study proposes a methodology incorporating machine learning algorithms to predict stock returns and construct portfolios that beat the market. The performance evaluation is based on the statistical metrics as well as the return and Sharpe ratios of the portfolios. Additionally, a new performance evaluation metric, Safe-Side, is introduced to address the needs of conservative portfolio managers and investors. The results provide strong evidence that the machine learning algorithms can be used to predict the stock returns with approximately 86 classification accuracy. The proposed methodolo ...Daha fazlası

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The impact of perceived education quality on tourism and hospitality students career choice: The mediating effects of academic self-efficacy

Derya Demirdelen Alrawadieh

Despite the importance of understanding tourism and hospitality (T&H) students' career choices for both high education institutions and industry practitioners, scarce empirical research exists which limits drawing reliable conclusions on the antecedents of T&H students' post graduate behavioral intentions. Drawing on data collected from 267 undergraduate T&H students in Turkey, the results show that perceived education quality is positively associated with T&H students' intention to join the industry but not to pursue a postgraduate degree. The findings also confirm the mediating role of acade ...Daha fazlası

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Inside out, exploring residential spaces during COVID-19 lockdown from the perspective of architecture students

Paria Valizadeh

The new preventative measures that have emerged from the Coronavirus crisis brought about changes in different aspects of daily life. Some of these changes may have a significant impact on how the built environment is being experienced. The current paper examines reconfigurations that happened in residential spaces and space allocations for transitioned activities in a small case study targeting a group of architecture students in Cyprus. Analysis and findings are structured in three sections, indoor activities, special organization, and quality of life. The result shows blurring boundaries be ...Daha fazlası

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Adapted-RRT: novel hybrid method to solve three-dimensional path planning problem using sampling and metaheuristic-based algorithms

Mohammed Ahmed Shah

Three-dimensional path planning for autonomous robots is a prevalent problem in mobile robotics. This paper presents three novel versions of a hybrid method designed to assist in planning such paths for these robots. In this paper, an improvement on Rapidly exploring Random Tree (RRT) algorithm, namely Adapted-RRT, is presented that uses three well-known metaheuristic algorithms, namely Grey Wolf Optimization (GWO), Incremental Grey Wolf Optimization (I-GWO), and Expanded Grey Wolf Optimization (Ex-GWO)). RRT variants, using these algorithms, are named Adapted-RRTGWO, Adapted-RRTI-GWO, and Ada ...Daha fazlası

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Effects of quercetin and catechin on blood lactate level

Meral Miyaç Göktepe

Study Objectives: This study was aimed to investigate the effects of combined administration of Catechin and Quercetin on blood lactate level. Methods: The research was conducted on 12 male Wistar rats weighing 300-350 gr. Rats were divided into two groups as the control group (n=6) and the test group (n=6). After the rats were quarantined for 10 days; each rat heart blood was taken on the first test day (pre catechin+quercetin supplementation), and again after they were participated to exercise on the second test day (pre catechin+quercetin supplementation). Between days 3 and 12 after testin ...Daha fazlası

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Does the group membership shape evaluations on other drivers? The role of symbolic cues in traffic

Burcu Tekes | Uygar Erkus | Timo Lajunen

The present study investigated the effects of group membership on drivers' evaluations of themselves and other drivers. An online survey was completed by 144 university students. As measurement, mini Driver Behavior Questionnaire (DBQ) with the addition of three aggressive violation items of the original DBQ the Positive Driver Behavior Scale, and an adjective list were used. Participants assessed their own driving behavior as well as three different driver identities represented by three sets of car photographs. In-group (the university) identity, out-group (politically provocative) identity ...Daha fazlası

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Banu Manav

In lighting design, the main concept is to achieve a healthy environment, which addresses energy efficiency, cost, maintenance, and quality. User-friendly lighting systems shall be adopted to architecture and interior architecture. User control over the lighting system is important, by dimming or increasing light output, by changing the colour of the light sets the inner atmosphere and affects user mood. Standards and codes on lighting shall also be evaluated by means of these topics. The paper aims to analyse how the luminous environment is affective on the perceived environment. Hence, a ser ...Daha fazlası

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A novel method for assessing the chromatic integration of architecture in the Ksourian landscape of Mzab Valley, Algeria

Banu Manav

Ksour are original architectural models of fortified villages located in the north of Africa. They offer, through their urban and natural visual sceneries, specific visible features that we name them Ksourian Landscapes. The present research, accordingly, addresses an investigation relying on a new methodic perspective, of the chromatic character of the Ksourian landscape of M'zab valley in Algeria which is listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Using the Natural Color System (NCS), a natural palette (NP) has been conducted encapsulating 12 representative colors from the natural landscape of ...Daha fazlası

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Intraparty Hostility: Social Identity, Subidentity, and the Hostile Media Effect in a Contested Primary

İ. Alev Degım Flannagan

The hostile media effect (HME) has generally been tested in terms of in-groups and out-groups, with a neutral story in between. This ignores the nature of many social groups as comprising subgroups, often but not always sharing feelings of connectedness and purpose. In cases when bounded subgroups are at odds with one another, HME provides little guidance. A contested partisan primary provides such a case. This study takes identity centrality, candidate favorability, and perceived social network homogeneity as measures of partisanship and involvement, hypothesizing relationships between each a ...Daha fazlası

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Vector quantization using whale optimization algorithm for digital image compression

Cevat Rahebi

Today, much of the information is storing in images. To transfer information in the form of images, image compression is required. Compressing images reduces the size of images and sends them faster over the network. One of the most methods of image compression is the vector quantization. For vector quantization compression, the codebook is using in cryptography and decryption. The vector quantization compression method typically uses codebooks that are not optimized, which reduces the compression quality of the images. Choosing the optimal codebook makes compression of images with higher qual ...Daha fazlası

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BinBRO: Binary Battle Royale Optimizer algorithm

Taymaz Akan

Stochastic methods attempt to solve problems that cannot be solved by deterministic methods with reasonable time complexity. Optimization algorithms benefit from stochastic methods; however, they do not guarantee to obtain the optimal solution. Many optimization algorithms have been proposed for solving problems with continuous nature; nevertheless, they are unable to solve discrete or binary problems. Adaptation and use of continuous optimization algorithms for solving discrete problems have gained growing popularity in recent decades. In this paper, the binary version of a recently proposed ...Daha fazlası

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Development of Low Flow Duration-Frequency Curves by Hybrid Frequency Analysis

Selen Orta

In this study, duration-frequency curves were developed for D = 1, 7, 14, 30, 90 and 273-day low flows corresponding to the 2, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100-year return periods. For this, daily data acquired from streamflow gauging stations with minimized anthropogenic effects were used. A hybrid frequency analysis coupled with the total probability theorem was applied on D-day low sequences to accommodate zero values. Among the tested probability distribution functions, Generalized Extreme Value was found the best in fitting low flows for majority of cases. Low flow discharge increases with increasin ...Daha fazlası

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