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A hierarchical clustering based panel data approach: a case study of regional incentives

Fatma Altuntaş

The main objective of this research is to propose a novel approach based on panel data analysis and hierarchical cluster analysis to investigate the determinants of foreign trade deficit and cluster provinces of Turkey. This study has two important contributions into the existing literature. First, the proposed approach uses provinces based panel data. Second, the proposed approach uses structural factors as explanatory variables. The estimates show that the number of patent, trademark, and design granted, the number of incentive documents prepared, fixed investments and employment correspondi ...Daha fazlası

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Applications of data mining algorithms for customer recommendations in retail marketing

Elif Delice

In recent years, researchers have highlighted how large volumes of data can be transformed into information to determine customer behaviors, and data mining applications have become a major trend. It has become critical for organizations to use a tool for understanding the relationships between data to protect their marketplace by increasing customer loyalty. Thanks to data mining applications, data can be processed and transformed into information, and in this way, target audiences can be determined while developing marketing strategies. This chapter aims to increase the market share with pro ...Daha fazlası

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Comparative Study for Sentiment Analysis of Financial Tweets with Deep Learning Methods

Cevat Rahebi

Nowadays, Twitter is one of the most popular social networking services. People post messages called “tweets”, which may contain photos, videos, links and text. With the vast amount of interaction on Twitter, due to its popularity, analyzing Twitter data is of increasing importance. Tweets related to finance can be important indicators for decision makers if analyzed and interpreted in relation to stock market. Financial tweets containing keywords from the BIST100 index were collected and the tweets were tagged as “POSITIVE”, “NEGATIVE” and “NEUTRAL”. Binary and multi-class datasets were creat ...Daha fazlası

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Bitterling fsh optimization (BFO) algorith

Cevat Rahebi

The bitterling fsh is a prime example of intelligent behavior in nature for survival. The bitterling fsh uses the oyster spawning strategy as their babysitter. The female bitterling fsh looks for a male fsh stronger than other fsh to fnd the right pair. In order to solve optimization issues, the Bitterling Fish Optimization (BFO) algorithm is modeled in this manuscript based on the mating behavior of these fsh. The bitterling fsh optimization algorithm is more accurate than the gray wolf optimization algorithm, whale optimization algorithm, butterfy optimization algorithm, Harris Hawks optim ...Daha fazlası

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Data analytics applied to the human resources industry

Cem Ufuk Baytar

The department of human resources in companies plays an active role in the architecture of a strategic workforce in terms of creating and managing human capital. It is necessary to embody its strategies with appropriate raw data and accurate analyses. Human resources management gains the feature of being a strategic partner in company management by generating strategies based on consistent measurements related to the workforce. As a result of such an approach, it has an important place in creating competition in businesses and maintaining the existence of businesses. Innovations, which emerge ...Daha fazlası

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