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A comparison of development assistance policies: Turkey and the European Union in sectoral and humanitarian aid

Damla Cihangir-Tetik

In recent years, Turkey has allocated humanitarian aid that surpasses much richer economies, including the EU. This article provides a thorough look into the patterns of divergence, complementarity and cooperation opportunities that emerged between Turkey and the EU, on sectoral aid, allocated between 2005 and 2017. The empirical analysis demonstrates whether foreign aid sectors that Turkey is active in could lead to further cooperation with the EU. These possible avenues of cooperation matter precisely because Turkey's potential role to contribute to the global development agenda, as an emerg ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

A hierarchical clustering based panel data approach: a case study of regional incentives

Fatma Altuntaş

The main objective of this research is to propose a novel approach based on panel data analysis and hierarchical cluster analysis to investigate the determinants of foreign trade deficit and cluster provinces of Turkey. This study has two important contributions into the existing literature. First, the proposed approach uses provinces based panel data. Second, the proposed approach uses structural factors as explanatory variables. The estimates show that the number of patent, trademark, and design granted, the number of incentive documents prepared, fixed investments and employment correspondi ...Daha fazlası

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Berrin Ceylan Ataman

Since activation policies prove their inefficiency in solving existent socioeconomic problems, especially after the pandemic crisis of COVID-19, alternative policies other than Active Labour Market Policies (ALMPs) have appeared on the agenda of the EU. This research traces the reasons of the ineffectiveness of activation by highlighting the perception of the beneficiaries of the ALMPs. This article builds on the fieldwork implemented in a member state (Spain) and candidate country (Turkey) of the EU through 78 semi-structured individual interviews with the participants of vocational trainings ...Daha fazlası

Süresiz Ambargo

Alternative modernities and epistemic struggles for recognition in Turkish media: deconstructing Eurocentrism?

Elif Gençkal Eroler

The concept of modernity and its association with the West and secu-larism is being challenged with the rise of religious movements in the age of globalisation. This provides a fertile ground for alternative moder-nities, disconnected from the West and secularism, to surface. This paper provides a theoretical explanation for the emergence of alternative modernities by drawing on insights from epistemic injustice and rec-ognition theory, through an analysis of Turkish media outlets. Turkey serves as an illustrative case to examine the emergence of alternative modernities due to its long-standin ...Daha fazlası

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