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A Lighting Proposal for A Library Project in Terms of Energy Efficiency

Banu Manav

This paper aims to achieve visual comfort conditions with less energy consumption at a university library. In this regard, a lighting design project is proposed for BUU faculty of architecture library which is an additional unit to the existing building in the pre-design phase and planning to be implemented. In this scope, artificial lighting results and daylighting availability of the library space is analyzed with a lighting simulation tool. Accordingly, solar gains were examined and the annual energy loads were calculated depending on a variety of façade shading configurations via a buildin ...Daha fazlası

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Health-Care Monitoring of Patient using CNN based Model in Internet of Things

Cevat Rahebi

There is rising public concern about exposure to radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic fields (EMF) as more and more wireless communications become concentrated in everyday living surroundings. There are a number of obstacles, primarily originating from infrastructure expenses, but recent technology breakthroughs are shifting attention to Internet of Things (IoT) devices that enable automatic and continuous realtime EMF monitoring. The Internet of Things (IoT) has made the world a better place by expanding the capabilities of telemedicine and allowing for more precise remote monitoring of patie ...Daha fazlası

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Fault Classification for Protection in MMC-HVDC Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Cevat Rahebi

The problems in MMC-HVDC protection systems are categorized in this study using machine learning algorithms. The voltage and current data were utilized to determine the classification's features. With the use of the features derived from the voltage and current, machine learning (ML) and artificial machine learning (ML) have produced a defect locator that is accurate enough. Using this data, simulations of various fault types and unknown locations at different system points were run to anticipate the outcomes. Metrics including specificity, accuracy, and sensitivity were used to evaluate the e ...Daha fazlası

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Prediction of Wind Speed by Using Machine Learning

Buket İşler

Due to the depletion of fossil fuel resources and environmental concerns caused by traditional fuel systems in recent years, the share of renewable energy sources in current energy production has been increasing. Among these energy sources, wind and solar energy stand out compared to other sources. Wind energy is a clean, sustainable and low-cost energy source. Wind and solar energies vary considerably according to the stochastic environment of meteorological conditions. Solar and wind energy variability and uncontrollability lead to power quality, generation-consumption balance and reliabilit ...Daha fazlası

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An Experimental Research on Temperature Accuracy Algorithm in Fan Coil Thermostat

Seda Karateke

The efficient operation of HVAC&R systems are based on keeping indoor temperature and air quality at an optimum level without disturbing comfort. Starting from this point, in this experimental research, the factors affecting the measurement accuracy during the room temperature detection of a wall mount fan coil thermostat were examined. Among the external effects, the effect of the device components on the measurement was focused and the solution of the measurement deviations occurred in this extent was investigated. Based on the experiments, the algorithm that must be applied to reach the opt ...Daha fazlası

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