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Predicting stock returns with financial ratios: A new methodology incorporating machine learning techniques to beat the market

Zeynep İltüzer

This study proposes a methodology incorporating machine learning algorithms to predict stock returns and construct portfolios that beat the market. The performance evaluation is based on the statistical metrics as well as the return and Sharpe ratios of the portfolios. Additionally, a new performance evaluation metric, Safe-Side, is introduced to address the needs of conservative portfolio managers and investors. The results provide strong evidence that the machine learning algorithms can be used to predict the stock returns with approximately 86 classification accuracy. The proposed methodolo ...Daha fazlası

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Inside out, exploring residential spaces during COVID-19 lockdown from the perspective of architecture students

Paria Valizadeh

The new preventative measures that have emerged from the Coronavirus crisis brought about changes in different aspects of daily life. Some of these changes may have a significant impact on how the built environment is being experienced. The current paper examines reconfigurations that happened in residential spaces and space allocations for transitioned activities in a small case study targeting a group of architecture students in Cyprus. Analysis and findings are structured in three sections, indoor activities, special organization, and quality of life. The result shows blurring boundaries be ...Daha fazlası

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Intraparty Hostility: Social Identity, Subidentity, and the Hostile Media Effect in a Contested Primary

İ. Alev Degım Flannagan

The hostile media effect (HME) has generally been tested in terms of in-groups and out-groups, with a neutral story in between. This ignores the nature of many social groups as comprising subgroups, often but not always sharing feelings of connectedness and purpose. In cases when bounded subgroups are at odds with one another, HME provides little guidance. A contested partisan primary provides such a case. This study takes identity centrality, candidate favorability, and perceived social network homogeneity as measures of partisanship and involvement, hypothesizing relationships between each a ...Daha fazlası

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Cross-cultural aspects of tourism and hospitality: a services marketing and management perspective, 1st edition

Derya Demirdelen Alrawadieh

Cross-Cultural Aspects of Tourism and Hospitalityauthored by Erdogan Koc makes a timely andsignificant contribution not only to tourism and hospitality research but also to cross-culturaltheory. This elegant book involves 13 chapters and is supplemented with 15figures, 51 tables,and a comprehensive index. Each chapter provides important insights into the cross-culturalaspects of the tourism and hospitality industry. Each chapter begins with a set of learningobjectives showing what the reader is expected to know after reading the chapter. Theauthor is also to be acclaimed for enriching each cha ...Daha fazlası

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Sexual harassment, psychological well-being, and job satisfaction of female tour guides: the effects of social and organizational support

Derya Demirdelen Alrawadieh

Drawing on the Conservation of Resources Theory (COR), and a gender perspective, this study proposes and tests a conceptual model postulating relationships between sexual harassment, burnout, perceived social and organizational support, psychological well-being, and job satisfaction. A survey of Turkish female tour guides resulted in 221 valid questionnaires. The results reveal that female tour guides' sexual harassment experience has a negative impact on their job satisfaction and psychological well-being. Unlike perceived social support, perceived organizational support plays a significant a ...Daha fazlası

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A comparison of development assistance policies: Turkey and the European Union in sectoral and humanitarian aid

Damla Cihangir-Tetik

In recent years, Turkey has allocated humanitarian aid that surpasses much richer economies, including the EU. This article provides a thorough look into the patterns of divergence, complementarity and cooperation opportunities that emerged between Turkey and the EU, on sectoral aid, allocated between 2005 and 2017. The empirical analysis demonstrates whether foreign aid sectors that Turkey is active in could lead to further cooperation with the EU. These possible avenues of cooperation matter precisely because Turkey's potential role to contribute to the global development agenda, as an emerg ...Daha fazlası

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