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Battle Royale Optimizer with a New Movement Strategy

Sara Akan | Taymaz Akan

Gamed-based is a new stochastic metaheuristics optimization category that is inspired by traditional or digital game genres. Unlike SI-based algorithms, individuals do not work together with the goal of defeating other individuals and winning the game. Battle royale optimizer (BRO) is a Gamed-based metaheuristic optimization algorithm that has been recently proposed for the task of continuous problems. This paper proposes a modified BRO (M-BRO) in order to improve balance between exploration and exploitation. For this matter, an additional movement operator has been used in the movement strate ...Daha fazlası

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Multi-circle Detection Using Multimodal Optimization

Taymaz Akan

Object and shape detection in digital image were one of the hot topic over the last two decades. Especially automatic multi circle detection has received more attention over last years. Hough transform (HT) is a well-known and most popular method for lines and circles detection. However, HT has huge computational complexity expense. This paper proposed a new successful heuristic method to reduce computation time and improve the speed of HT for circle detection. In this proposed method the edges information of the image is obtained by means of Robert edge detection. Then, multimodal particle sw ...Daha fazlası

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Prediction of Wind Speed by Using Machine Learning

Buket İşler

Due to the depletion of fossil fuel resources and environmental concerns caused by traditional fuel systems in recent years, the share of renewable energy sources in current energy production has been increasing. Among these energy sources, wind and solar energy stand out compared to other sources. Wind energy is a clean, sustainable and low-cost energy source. Wind and solar energies vary considerably according to the stochastic environment of meteorological conditions. Solar and wind energy variability and uncontrollability lead to power quality, generation-consumption balance and reliabilit ...Daha fazlası

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Detecting SQL injection attacks by binary gray wolf optimizer and machine learning algorithms

Mahsa Torkamanıan Afshar

SQL injection is one of the important security issues in web applications because it allows an attacker to interact with the application's database. SQL injection attacks can be detected using machine learning algorithms. The effective features should be employed in the training stage to develop an optimal classifier with optimal accuracy. Identifying the most effective features is an NP-complete combinatorial optimization problem. Feature selection is the process of selecting the training dataset's smallest and most effective features. The main objective of this study is to enhance the accura ...Daha fazlası

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