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The effect of gestational diabetes mellitus on occurrence of the pelvic girdlepain and symptom severity in pregnant women

Merve Can

The primary objective of this study was to examine the effect of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) on pelvic girdle pain (PGP) occurrence and symptom severity. Pregnant women who were with/without GDM, 20–40 years of age, and also in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy were included in the study. PGP provocation tests were administered to 187 pregnant women to determine the presence and severity of PGP. Based on the test results, the study subjects were divided into two groups; Group 1 (GDM+, PGP+; n:32) and Group 2 (GDM−, PGP+; n:35). Both groups were asked to fill in the Pelvic Gi ...Daha fazlası

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Fishier mantis optimiser: a swarm intelligence algorithm for clustering images of COVID-19 pandemic

Cevat Rahebi

In this study, an automated segmentation method is used to increase the speed of diagnosis and reduce the segmentation error of CT scans of the lung. In the proposed technique, the fishier mantis optimiser (FMO) algorithm is modelling and formulated based on the intelligent behaviour of mantis insects for hunting to create an intelligent algorithm for image segmentation. In the second phase of the proposed method, the proposed algorithm is used to cluster scanned image images of COVID-19 patients. Implementation of the proposed technique on CT scan images of patients shows that the similarity ...Daha fazlası

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Effects of quercetin and catechin on blood lactate level

Meral Miyaç Göktepe

Study Objectives: This study was aimed to investigate the effects of combined administration of Catechin and Quercetin on blood lactate level. Methods: The research was conducted on 12 male Wistar rats weighing 300-350 gr. Rats were divided into two groups as the control group (n=6) and the test group (n=6). After the rats were quarantined for 10 days; each rat heart blood was taken on the first test day (pre catechin+quercetin supplementation), and again after they were participated to exercise on the second test day (pre catechin+quercetin supplementation). Between days 3 and 12 after testin ...Daha fazlası

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3D Path Planning Method for Multi-UAVs Inspired by Grey Wolf Algorithms

Mohammed Ahmed Shah

Efficient and collision-free pathfinding, between source and destination locations for multi-Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), in a predefined environment is an important topic in 3D Path planning methods. Since path planning is a Non-deterministic Polynomial-time (NP-hard) problem, metaheuristic approaches can be applied to find a suitable solution. In this study, two efficient 3D path planning methods, which are inspired by Incremental Grey Wolf Optimization (I-GWO) and Expanded Grey Wolf Optimization (Ex-GWO), are proposed to solve the problem of determining the optimal path for UAVs with mi ...Daha fazlası

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Beta irradiation effects on impedance spectra of electrospun PEDOT:PSS nanofibres

Yalçın Urfa

Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythio-phene):poly(styrenesulphonate) (PEDOT:PSS) nanofibres were first prepared via electrospinning method. Microstructural arrangement of the nanofibres was investigated by scanning electron microscopy technique. Then, the effect of beta irradiation with different absorbed doses on their impedance spectra were investigated in the frequency range from 5 to 13 x 10(6). It was observed that beta irradiation leads to a considerable decrease in both real and imaginary parts of the complex dielectric function, and alternating current conductivity of the nanofibres. The obtained ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

Comparison of inflammation markers and severity of illness among patients with COVID-19, acute psychiatric disorders and comorbidity

Aslı Enez Darçın

dimer, fibrinogen, and comorbid illness are associated with the course and prognosis of COVID- 19. However, the course of acute severe psychiatric disorders overlapping with COVID-19 infec- tion was not investigated and remained as an unclarified research area. This study aimed to dem- onstrate inflammatory markers and the course of patients suffering from both conditions. Methods: Thirty-eight inpatients with COVID-19 and comorbid acute psychiatric disorders (COVID-19+PD), 31 inpatients with COVID-19, and 38 inpatients with an acute psychiatric disor- der (PD) were included in the study. Neut ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

An Integrated Framework for Non-Traditional Machining Process Technology Selection in Healthcare Applications

Elif Delice

In spite of continuous progress in technical advancement, the conventional machining process became unsatisfactory in the healthcare field due to its disadvantages. This inadequacy lead researchers to consider using the application of nontraditional machining that can machine extremely hard and brittle materials into complicated shapes such as medical devices and implants in healthcare. In this study, the three most popular nontraditional machining process technologies: Laser Beam Machining, Water Jet Machining, and Electrocautery are evaluated to determine the most appropriate technology usin ...Daha fazlası

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Banu Manav

In lighting design, the main concept is to achieve a healthy environment, which addresses energy efficiency, cost, maintenance, and quality. User-friendly lighting systems shall be adopted to architecture and interior architecture. User control over the lighting system is important, by dimming or increasing light output, by changing the colour of the light sets the inner atmosphere and affects user mood. Standards and codes on lighting shall also be evaluated by means of these topics. The paper aims to analyse how the luminous environment is affective on the perceived environment. Hence, a ser ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

Association of BDNF Gene Val66Met Polymorphism with Suicide Attempts, Focused Attention and Response Inhibition in Patients with Schizophrenia Şizofreni Hastalarında BDNF Geni Val66Met Polimorfizminin İntihar Girişimi, Odaklanmış Dikkat ve Yanıt İnhibisyonu ile İlişkisi

Aslı Enez Darçın

Introduction: The relationship between BDNF gene Val/Met polymorphism and clinical symptoms, attention and executive functions in patients with schizophrenia was investigated in this study. Also, BDNF Val66Met gene polymorphism was compared between patients and healthy controls. Thus, genetic factors that may affect both the etiology and cognitive functions in schizophrenia were evaluated. Methods: BDNF Val66Met gene polymorphism was investigated in 102 patients with schizophrenia and 98 healthy controls. Cognitive functions were evaluated by the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST) and Stroop T ...Daha fazlası

Süresiz Ambargo

MPPT Design for PV-Powered WPT System with Irregular Pulse Density Modulation

Güngör Bal

—Electric vehicles (EVs) are well-known as environmentally friendly systems. Therefore, the demand for EVs is rapidly increasing every day, but for charging batteries of EVs eco-friendly electrical energy sources are needed. To use a clean energy source, this article proposes a wireless power transfer (WPT) system energized by photovoltaic panels. In this study, pulse density modulation technique controlled with incremental conductance algorithm is preferred in the WPT system for both transferring power from primary to secondary windings and for tracking maximum power point (MPP). The proposed ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

BA-CNN: Bat Algorithm-Based Convolutional Neural Network Algorithm for Ambulance Vehicle Routing in Smart Cities

Cevat Rahebi

This article proposes an ambulance vehicle routing approach in smart cities. The approach is based on the bat algorithm and convolutional neural network (BA-CNN). It aims to take transfer the patients confidentially, accurately, and quickly. The type of CNN used in this research is a residual network (ResNet). The node method is responsible for creating the city map. In the beginning, information about the accident place is received by the control station and forwarded to both the hospital and the ambulance. The driver feeds the data that contain the ambulance vehicle's node position and the a ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

The effect of kefir consumption on the lipid profile for individuals with normal and dyslipidemic properties: a randomized controlled trial O efeito do consumo de kefir no perfil lipídico em indivíduos com propriedades normais e dislipidêmicas: um ensaio clínico randomizado

Bahattin Arslan

Objective This research was conducted as a prospective, self-controlled, eight-week clinical trial to investigate the effect of kefir consumption on the lipid profile of individuals with normal and dyslipidemic properties. Methods Kefir microorganisms given to volunteer subjects were determined using classical microbial count methods and qReal-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction. The study was carried out with 23 volunteer hospital health personnel between the ages of 20 and 55 who met the research criteria and did not have any health problems. The volunteers regularly consumed kefir on an empty st ...Daha fazlası

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