Erişime Açık

Distance-Based Decision Making, Consensus Building, and Preference Aggregation Systems: A Note on the Scale Constraints

İbrahim Gürler | Bora Gündüzyeli | Ozan Çakır

Distance metrics and their extensions are widely accepted tools in supporting distancebased decision making, consensus building, and preference aggregation systems. For several models of this nature, it may be necessary to elucidate the problem output in the original input domain. When a particular parameter of interest is desired to be produced in this original domain, i.e., the scale, the decision makers simply resort to constraints that function in parallel with this goal. However, there exist some cases where such a membership is guaranteed by the mathematical properties of the distance ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

Some Generalized Results on Grey Number Operations Based on Liu-Lin Axioms of Greyness Degree and Information Content

Ozan Çakır | İbrahim Gürler | Bora Gündüzyeli

In this manuscript, with grounding in Liu–Lin axioms of greyness degree and information content, we provide new results that relate to these concepts in consideration of a number of mathematical operations over a sequence of grey numbers. In particular, we derive greyness degree results of summation, conic combination, and convex combination of a sequence, as well as inverse of a number and normalization of a number over a sequence. Then, we turn our attention to prove information content results for the union and intersection of a sequence. We illustrate our results by using a simple Monte Ca ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

Analysis of a Non-Discriminating Criterion in Simple Additive Weighting Deep Hierarchy

İbrahim Gürler | Bora Gündüzyeli | Ozan Çakır

In the current account, we present an analysis of a non-discriminating criterion under simple additive weighting synthesis, considering a deep decision hierarchy. A non-discriminating criterion describes a criterion where all decision alternatives under consideration perform equally. We question eliminating such a criterion from the decision hierarchy in search of simpler problem representation and computational efficiency. Yet, we prove such an approach may result in order misrepresentations between decision alternatives. This analysis is performed in the form of four research questions that ...Daha fazlası

Süresiz Ambargo

A Study on the Moderator Role of Vendor Trustworthiness on the Effect of perceived Usefulness and Ease of Use in Mobile Shopping on Purchasing Intention

Meziyet Uyanık | İbrahim Gürler

This study examines the effects of users' perceived usefulness and ease of use of mobile sites in their mobile purchasing processes on customer satisfaction and purchase intentions, according to users' perceived trustworthiness towards the vendor with the Technology Acceptance Model perspective.As a result of the analysis made with the data obtained through the survey from 460 active mobile shopping participants over 18, it was concluded that the perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use affect the participants' satisfaction with the mobile site. This satisfaction has a positive effect on ...Daha fazlası

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