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Trend Analysis of Low Flows

Selen Orta

Determination of trends in low flows has a great importance in water resources planning and operation. Hydrological assessment on low flows is required in water quality control problems, water supply projects, irrigation, recreation, and ecological conservation. Trends in low flows could be seen as potential evidences of climate change, and significantly affect short-, medium-, and long-term future decisions. The main objective of this study is to identify low flow trends for gauging stations in four hydrological basins, Meriç-Ergene, Gediz, Ceyhan and Seyhan, from different regions in Turkey. ...Daha fazlası

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Onur Can Dolğun

It is known that the covid-19 virus, which affects the world, affects all sectors as well as sports branches. In this difficult period, in which almost all sports activities were postponed or canceled, some sports groups were described as low risk. One of them is archery. Archery, which was interrupted for a short time, started to operate again due to outdoor activities and lack of contact. This article, written by document analysis, includes the processes from the history of archery to covid-19. In addition, the measures taken to sustain the activities were also mentioned.

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US-EU Relations in the Trump Era: Quest for Autonomy in Europe

Ahmet Görgen

This paper bases on the research related to the change of US - EU relations under Donald Trump administration in the United States and its effect on the EU member states' pursuing autonomous policies. Recent analyses reveal that under the Trump administration, there has been a change of traditional economic and political relations with the EU member states. How this policy change affected the EU member states has not received much attention. The analysis reveals Trump's questioning the function of NATO and putting tariffs on the products of the EU, supporting Brexit process and having close re ...Daha fazlası

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Distance-Based Decision Making, Consensus Building, and Preference Aggregation Systems: A Note on the Scale Constraints

İbrahim Gürler | Bora Gündüzyeli | Ozan Çakır

Distance metrics and their extensions are widely accepted tools in supporting distancebased decision making, consensus building, and preference aggregation systems. For several models of this nature, it may be necessary to elucidate the problem output in the original input domain. When a particular parameter of interest is desired to be produced in this original domain, i.e., the scale, the decision makers simply resort to constraints that function in parallel with this goal. However, there exist some cases where such a membership is guaranteed by the mathematical properties of the distance ...Daha fazlası

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Some Generalized Results on Grey Number Operations Based on Liu-Lin Axioms of Greyness Degree and Information Content

Ozan Çakır | İbrahim Gürler | Bora Gündüzyeli

In this manuscript, with grounding in Liu–Lin axioms of greyness degree and information content, we provide new results that relate to these concepts in consideration of a number of mathematical operations over a sequence of grey numbers. In particular, we derive greyness degree results of summation, conic combination, and convex combination of a sequence, as well as inverse of a number and normalization of a number over a sequence. Then, we turn our attention to prove information content results for the union and intersection of a sequence. We illustrate our results by using a simple Monte Ca ...Daha fazlası

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A hierarchical clustering based panel data approach: a case study of regional incentives

Fatma Altuntaş

The main objective of this research is to propose a novel approach based on panel data analysis and hierarchical cluster analysis to investigate the determinants of foreign trade deficit and cluster provinces of Turkey. This study has two important contributions into the existing literature. First, the proposed approach uses provinces based panel data. Second, the proposed approach uses structural factors as explanatory variables. The estimates show that the number of patent, trademark, and design granted, the number of incentive documents prepared, fixed investments and employment correspondi ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

Social network analysis of tourism data : a case study of quarantine decisions in COVID-19 pandemic”, International Journal of Information Management Data Insights

Fatma Altuntaş

Tourism is one of the most affected sector during the COVID-19 pandemic all over the world. Quarantine decisions are the leading measures taken in practice to reduce possible negative consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. There is limited work in the literature on how to make the right quarantine decisions in a pandemic. Therefore, the aim of this study is to propose the use of social network analysis (SNA) based on tourism data to make the right quarantine decisions in the COVID-19 pandemic. A case study on quarantine decision is conducted based on data obtained from Turkish Statistical Inst ...Daha fazlası

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Consumer Sentiment in Turkey, from Closure to the New Normal

Mustafa İlteriş Yılmaz

Abstract: The main aim of the study was to analyze consumer sentiment in the COVID-19 pandemic period in the context of Turkey. In this context, “expectations of consumers regarding the changes in their current income and general expenditures in the economic conditions brought along with normalization process” and “in what direction consumer sentiment would change in the 6-month period following the normalization process in Turkey” were investigated. Based on these research questions, a descriptive study was conducted by adopting a quantitative research method. The ques- tionnaire method was e ...Daha fazlası

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Back to the Past: Is the West Moving from Crisis Management to Full-Spectrum Deterrence Including Nuclear Force?

Suat Dönmez

During the Cold War, the West tried to deter and contain the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact. This deterrence was based on both conventional and nuclear forces and various concepts and doctrines. After both sides achieved an assured destruction capability, deterrence was achieved by nuclear balance. Once the Cold War ended, the focus shifted from deterrence and containment to crisis management as the international security environment became dominated by internal conflicts, international terrorism, global crime, and problems related to failed states like refugee crises. This resulted in defence c ...Daha fazlası

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Battle Royale Optimizer with a New Movement Strategy

Sara Akan | Taymaz Akan

Gamed-based is a new stochastic metaheuristics optimization category that is inspired by traditional or digital game genres. Unlike SI-based algorithms, individuals do not work together with the goal of defeating other individuals and winning the game. Battle royale optimizer (BRO) is a Gamed-based metaheuristic optimization algorithm that has been recently proposed for the task of continuous problems. This paper proposes a modified BRO (M-BRO) in order to improve balance between exploration and exploitation. For this matter, an additional movement operator has been used in the movement strate ...Daha fazlası

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Gamze Sürcan Düzgün

Chia(Salvia Hispanica L.) adaçayı familyasına ait yazın çıkan yıllık otsu bir bitkidir. Tarihçesine bakıldığında, bu bitkinin tohumlarının Aztekler’den beri besin kaynağı olarak tüketildiği görülmektedir. Chia tohumları zengin bir omega 3, omega 6, protein, lif, vitamin ve mineral kaynağıdır. Ayrıca iyi bir antioksidan kaynağı olan chia, gluten de içermemektedir. Chia tohumu tüketimi, kardiyovasküler hastalıklar, diyabet, kolesterol ve hipertansiyon gibi beslenme kökenli kronik hastalık riskinde azalma ile ilişkilidir.

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Arzu Toğuşlu Kızbaz

Salvador Dali says: “Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings”. This quote refers that imagery and creativity are unlimited. The world of theater is a world of magic. The elements, scenery, lighting, costume, effect, music and players are the main components of a play by stage adaptation for creating the magic of the theater. Equally the components contain empty spaces, which can be filled with the own experiences and according to the point of view by the director. These empty spaces can be formulated different, according to the director, who conveys his/ her messages to the audie ...Daha fazlası

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